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The All Star Lacing Bundle (6 Pack)

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Baseball Glove Lacing Kit with 6 Laces, including a Lacing Needle and a Glove Wrap. Your choice of colors for the glove wrap colors and the six leather laces. 



TOFL Glove Wrap - Baseball & Softball Mitt Shaper - Elastic, Former, and Pocket Maker Fits Big & Small Gloves - Break-in & Maintenance Accessories.

Dimensions LxWxH: 6.5 x 4.25 x 3.75 inches

  • Elasticized Fabric
  • Imported
  • Maintain Your Glove's Shape - This stretchy baseball glove wrap hugs your mitts with the right amount of pressure. This helps to preserve their shape and allows them to form the perfect pocket.
  • The wrap is made from a high-strength, elasticized material that'll last a long time. A slit in the middle of the baseball glove molder lets you adjust the pressor over the mitt according to what you need.
  • Fits All Glove Sizes - The premium elastic fabric and hook and loop closure allows this baseball glove shaper to contour and stretch over most small or large baseball and softball gloves.
  • The Glove Wrap will help protect your ball glove from wear and tear while also helping form the pocket. Your Glove Wrap will be better protected when stored in your bat bag
  • A Practical Gift - Give your favorite baseball player a gift they'll find useful. The wrap is available in 3 different colors so you should have no trouble choosing one that suits your style.



TOFL Softball and Baseball Catchers Glove Lace Kit | Mitt Lace Glove Repair Lacing Kit | 6 Leather Laces with Lacing Needle for Baseball or Softball Gloves. 72 Inches Long,  3/16 Inch Wide, and 1/8 Inch Thick. 

Hand orientation: Ambidextrous
Glove Type: Catcher

Dimensions: 72 Inches Long | 3/16 Inch Wide | 1/8 Inch Thick

  • 100% Leather
  • THE ULTIMATE BASEBALL GLOVE REPAIR LACING KIT. It comes with cowhide leather strips, each 72 inches long (182.88 centimeters) and 3/16 inch wide (4.80 millimeters). You have enough leather to do the pocket and the fingers to replace your favorite mitts. This is the only baseball glove repair kit you'll ever need!
  • HEAVY-DUTY BASEBALL GLOVE RELACING KIT. The leather is made of authentic cowhide and comes with a heavy-duty lacing needle that threads into the end of the leather strip for ease of use.
  • EASY TO USE. Just screw the glove lacing tool onto the cowhide strips and follow the previous lacing pattern. Remove just a few old strips at a time and repeat the pattern.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY BASEBALL OR SOFTBALL GLOVES OR MITTS. This baseball glove relacing kit works on any make or model of mitt, be it Rawlings, Wilson, or Mizuno. Also great for leather craft projects of all kinds.
  • A VARIETY OF COLORS. You can match your baseball gloves' color or be playful and accentuate them with bright colors. With the wide choice of colors we offer, you can never go wrong. 



    This baseball glove relacing kit is compatible with mitts manufactured by Rawlings, Wilson, or Mizuno, as well as any other brand. In addition to that, it is fantastic for leather craft projects of any type.


    Once you've screwed the glove lacing tool onto the cowhide strips, simply follow the lacing pattern from the first time around. It's best to take out the old lace a little at a time so you can follow the original pattern and have your glove looking as good as new!


    Replacement of worn-out leather laces on a baseball glove has never been easier or more convenient than with this Baseball glove lace kit. The leather is long-lasting, and the heavy-duty needle makes it simple to insert the lace. Any color baseball glove can be paired with the lace because the project can be completed in minutes.

      TOFL Quality Products
      TOFL Quality Products